week 4 review

I had a great time this week in lab.  I worked with chef miller and her class and had a lot of fun.  We cooked some good pasta and rice.  I really enjoyed everything that we made.  When I go home for thanksgiving im looking forward to making some of these dishes for my family…..not looking forward to this coming Tuesday i am not realy a veggie person but we shal see.

Week 2 Review

Coming into lab the second time was great.  I loved that I was able to start cooking.  The dishes we prepared were delicious as well.  Unfortunately i am not sure if I ever want to look at a potato ever again. =P  With that said, all i have to add is that I had a great time and am looking forward to this coming Tuesday for breakfast foods!

Week One Review

After my first lab for my culinary class. i had some positive thoughts and negative thoughts.  To start on a good note, I’ll talk about the positive first.  I liked the fact that we works with food the first day.  Although I’m inexperienced I’m confident i will get better in time, after all hard work pays off.  My negative thoughts on the class consist of me not wearing the right shoes.  I wont have that problem anymore because i just got my new shoes today.  They are extra padded non slip extra grip steel toe that will be perfect for our lab.  Im lookin forward to start making hot food.  Hopefully by the end of the semester I will do much better but i have time to do so.

PS Sorry i didn’t make you a video, I didn’t have the time to figure everything out, next week will be different =D see you Monday!

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